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Yummiest healthy pancake. It was too yummy. Did not have the feeling that I was compromising for healthy option at all. They tasted well by themselves but I had it with bananas and loved it!

Maasaa Foods - Choco Oats Pancake

Most comfortable!

This gave the coverage I needed and was soft and totally no irritation. The disposable covers were a great idea. Only complaint would be the adhesive that stays and requires heavy brushing. But the pros weigh more. So I am buying this every month!

Malar Herbal Napkin

Awesome product

The muslin button jhabla is very comfortable for my baby the fabric is very gud

1st Step Muslin Jabhlas

Okay this is such a good product. I love the texture when used on skin. It's smooth. Plus it's natural.

Stone Soup Lavender Body Butter

This is the product our doctor recommended for the baby and the combo was a great deal. Happy with the product's quality and right on time delivery.


When I attended a weaning workshop, the instructor told me about num num food. Apparently she trusts this brand and vouches for them which made me buy it. And it did work for us. Love the yummy flavours. So if you are so keen on feeding only the best for your little ones, close your eyes and go for it.

Num Num Food

This is a cushy good bed for my little one. The quality is first class.

Go for it.

Fisherprice Baby Bed

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